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Our  country is riddled with a range of aggregates, which make the cutting process vary from region to region. There are many variables, including aggregate hardness, that  the professional, and even the novice cutter, should understand. If you don't know what you are cutting through, it becomes difficult to choose the proper blade or core bit to fit your needs.

Below is some basic information, to give you a better understanding of what blade or bit to choose for your region. Aggregrate hardness is just one of many factors, when cutting or drilling through concrete or asphalt. If you need further consultation feel free to contact us.

Aggregate Key

Soft Limestone, Sandstone, Dolomite Limestone, Siliceous, Soft Shell


Pit Gravel, Limestone, Dolomite

Medium Soft

Medium Hard River Rock, Medium Traprock, Decomposite Granite, Medium Crushed Gravel


Granite, Slate, Traprock, Granite, Medium Crushed Gravel

Medium Hard

Hard Chert, Quartz, Flint Rock, Hard River Rock


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