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I n d i a n a p o l i s,  I n  d  i  a  n  a


4” to 20”

Application Blade

Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Block, Pavers, Asphalt and some masonry material

Blade Width

.080" to .125"

Segment Height



Right Angle Grinder, Masonry Saw, Hi-Speed Hand Held Drill

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100P Premium Series

60 U  Ultra Series

A higher diamond concentration enables these bits to perform well in reinforced concrete, with excellent speed and life.

These fast cutting bits will cut rapidly through heavily reinforced concrete. Features Ultra Line Pattern Technology.


Cured concrete and asphalt.  Wet drilling.


3/8" to 72"

Special Features

Pre-Stressed: The segments are set tight against each other on these bits, minimizing the chance of segment loss when cutting pre-stressed panels.

Additional diameters and special lengths available upon request.

Re-tipping is available on bits 6”+. Bits 16” and larger are available in a light-weight spoke-backed style. A Flange is also available by request.

Hand Held Drill
Core Drilling
Core Drilling Accessories


1 ¼ “- 7 to 5/8” -11


6” for 1 ¼” - 7"
12” for 1 ¼” - 7"


6” for 5/8” -11”

12” for 5/8” - 11”


5/8 -11” to 1 ¼-7”

ProSource offers all accessories needed by the professional drilling contractor.

ProSource is extremely proud of our re-tipping quality and quickness.  Our incredibly engineered segments impress even the most seasoned of cutters. Once you drill with one of our  re-tipped bits, it will become apparent as to why we are so confident in our product.

Please contact ProSource Diamond Tools for pricing and further information on bit re-tipping !!!

Wet Cutting

Dry/Wet Cutting

Hand Held Drill

Right Angle Grinder

Prosource’s 10S Series of core bits allow fast drilling in concrete block.  They may be used on right angle grinders or hand-held drills.

Dry Core Bits

Wet Core Bits

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10S Standard Series